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To the Editor,

The paedophile scandal involving those in high office in Britain is also happening in the Netherlands. We, six former senior officers of the Dutch Ministry of Justice, therefore, ask you to consider the following. We are of opinion that there is a comparable situation, namely sexual abuse of minors/children by high-ranking officials in our country. Those in political circles as well as the majority of the press choose systematically to ignore the allegations. Over a long period of time the Minister of Justice has refused to make a thorough investigation.

In the Netherlands the affair focuses on the Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice, Joris Demmink, who retired two years ago. In 2002, despite allegations of sexual abuse involving minors in the 90s, Mr Demmink was appointed tot the highest position in the Ministry.

It should be noted that this Ministry, in which we held long careers, demanded impeccable behaviour and 100% integrity - apparently not, however, from the highest ranking officer in our entire justice system. As Secretary General Joris Demmink had great influence in the Police and the Public Prosecution Service.

There have been two judgements in the Netherlands from which it is obvious that there are serious allegations of sexual misconduct with minors against Mr Demmink.

The first one concerns the criminal inquiry ordered by the Court in Arnhem to investigate Mr Demmink in connection with allegations of rape brought forward by two (at the time) under-aged boys from Turkey.

The second one regards the ruling of the Court in Rotterdam, that an article was rightly published in one of our leading national newspapers, the Algemeen Dagblad (AD). This newspaper had thoroughly investigated alleged contacts between Mr Demmink and a pimp from The Hague who would supply him with under-aged boys. The AD is the only paper in the Netherlands that has consistently applied investigative journalism despite intimidating judicial procedures by Mr Demmink that were being funded by the government.

Furthermore, several witnesses (including police and judicial officials) have stated under oath (March and April last year), that in the case of Mr Demmink the roles of high-ranking officials, including himself, were deliberately covered up. An inquiry set up in connection with these allegations was subsequently sabotaged from above (the so-called Rolodex Inquiry).

Nevertheless, despite damaging accusations from police and Justice officials, the current Minister of Justice has maintained publicly and in Parliament that nothing is wrong. He refused therefore to set up an inquiry regarding his former Secretary General. The current criminal investigation has been ordered by the Court in Arnhem, despite the attitude of the Minister. A year on, however, no start has been made regarding this investigation in the country where the offences took place, namely Turkey. A possible reason for this? The investigation is carried out by the Police and the Public Prosecution Service who both fall directly under the authority of the Minister of Justice who claims there is no case.

We, six former senior officers of the Ministry of Justice, with support from many former colleagues, have launched a complaint against the Minister of Justice concerning misuse of power namely: to deny or delay a thorough investigation into the sexual misconduct of his former Secretary General, thus violating the law and legal disciplines in our legal system including the separation of powers by interfering as Minister with a case of an independant judge, and violating the International Treaties signed by the Netherlands (The European Convention on Human Rights and the Council of Europe Convention on the protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse). Approval of Parliament is needed to prosecute the Minister of Justice. Parliament's reaction so far is: Silence!! We have heard, off the record, that this case is sensitive as national security could be at stake. Nonetheless we believe this can never be a free pass for serious violation of human rights and other legal principles in our democratic society.

Publishing this matter in Britain would, in our opinion, help to increase pressure on the Dutch authorities to fully investigate these concerns after all.

The undersigned are more than willing to provide furher information if needed.

For more information please apply to:
  • Mr Bart Molenkamp phone number: *** e-mail: ***@***
  • Mr Jos Poelmann phone number: *** e-mail: ***@***
's-Hertogenbosch, January 15th 2015
  • Mr Kees Boeij:
    former Director General for Prison Services in Over-Amstel, Amsterdam
  • Mr Klaas de Graaff:
    former Regional Drector for Prison Services for Mid and Southern Netherlands
  • Mr Jacques van Huet:
    former Director General for Prison Services in North Holland
  • Mr Bart Molenkamp:
    former Director General for Prison Services Breda, Limburg South, Tilbur, South East Brabant and Vught (including the Extra Secure System)
  • Mr Jos Poelmann:
    former Chairman of the Board of the Pompe Stichting Nijmegen (Psychiatric Clinic whers prisoners are detained under hospital order)
  • Mr Peter Scheffelaar Klots:
    former Director General for Prison Services in North Brabant (North)

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