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The Armenian Genocide: Over 1.5 million people are murdered.
Treaty of Lausanne: Ending of the Ottoman Empire and Kurdistan. New Turkish borders are defined. Kurdistan is divided between Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Russia.
The autonomous status of Iraqi Kurdistan is recognised.
Cyprus is invaded by Turkey. Special Warfare Department (Özel Harp Dairesi 1) recruits Baybaşin as a government agent.
The Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) is founded by Öcalan in Licê, the birthplace of Baybaşin.
Turkey asks Baybaşin to form a Civil Guard (Koruyucu) in order to control his Kurdish people. As compensation he would be given all kind of government contracts (construction work, military Askeri iaşe) with revenues of 100 million dollar a year. Baybaşin refuses to betray his people. He was given a choice: either work for the government or he would be killed.
Hüseyin Baybaşin flees to South Africa, after his city is destroyed and many Kurdish people have been murdered.
Turgut Özal 2, the (Kurdish) 8th President of Turkey, delayed the Castle Plan 3 and continued the peace process, resulting in the first cease-fire declaration. This president dies suddenly in a suspicious way and is said to be poisoned. The Turkish prime-minister Tansu Çiller places Baybasin on the second place of the hit-list, but he survives two assassination attempts. The Dutch prosecutor Jan Koers 4 refuses to frame Baybaşin and is replaced by the Dutch Ministry of Justice.
The Kurdish Parliament in Exile is established 5.
Illegal arrest of Hüseyin Baybaşin at Belgium border Hazeldonk (Holland) 6. Baybaşin is silenced by putting him in isolation in the EBI in Vught (Holland). During the last 20 years he survives a total of 6 years in inhumane isolation.
The Susurluk incident proves the maffia connection within the Turkish government. This Turkish drugtrafficing has an annual worth of 30 billion dollar. The wistleblower Baybaşin had to be silenced.
The European Union accepts Turkey's membership conditionally 7:
• The PKK is recognised as a terrorist organisation.
• The death penalty (given to Abdullah Öcalan) is abolished by Turkey.
• Life sentence is given to Hüseyin Baybaşin by the Netherlands 8.
The European Court declares that Öcalan's trial was unfair 9. Yet Turkey refuses a retrial.
Extensive proof of tempered evidence in Baybaşin's case is presented to the Dutch Supreme Court yet up until today ignored.
The Middle Eastern War between IS, Syria, Kurdistan and Turkey is resulting in new bombings and murders against Kurds 10 11.
The islamic rooted AK-party in Turkey refuses to form a coallition with the pro-Kurdish HDP and calls for new elections 12.


Free Baybaşin song and videoclip

London, 25.08.2015 - 12:58h

Hello sir,
I hope you are in good health

My name is Hasan Baybasin,
I am the eldest son of Huseyin Baybasin.

The song you made "free Baybasin" has put a smile on my face, the lyrics are perfectly matched with the melody and sends a strong message.

I will most certainly spread the link

To all the fellow participating musicians God bless all of you. By the grace of God one day we can all be surrounding together with the company of my father as a free man.

With my upmost respect,

Hasan Baybasin

Sources and additional info
Bakker Schut Foundation (with info from to mr. Baybaşin's Dutch attorney)
Het Haagse Complot (Dutch version)
The Hague Conspiracy (English version)
BOU blog - Category on mr. Baybaşin and Dutch dept. of Justice
Talk2Myra webradio - Channel with interviews with mr. Baybaşin
Talk2Myra webradio - Baybasin and the Dutchbell
JD-tv - Video report - Channel with documentaries on mr. Baybaşin
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Baybaşin vs. Nederland
Onderzoek vermogen
Gerechtshof Den Bosch
Baybaşin vs. Nederland
Conclusie AG Baybaşin
Hoge Raad Den Haag

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